Monday, March 11, 2013

Chapter one

Last night I woke up, and the urge to write was really strong. After tosing and turning for about an hour I got out of bed and typed.
This was me.

Any ways, heres chapter one, please leave a comment with thoughts.
(Remeber I haven't edited this and stayed up for half of the night writting. I kinda look like a zombie)


In a world where gods are more than a myth, a demon and a god have mixed.
Cassie the demon demi-god has been on the run all of her life, her dad abondanded her when he figured out he mom was a demon.
When they move to sunny florda they run into a desendent, with the gods demons and half of the desensents calling for her blood and when he trys to help her will she push him away like always or except his help?

I used to be like everybody else I loved long walks on the beach, was a cheer leader, and constantly dreamed of falling head over heels in love.
There is no warning except for the fact we never stay in one place for to long, I used to throw the biggest fits when I would come home and all of our belongings would be packed up. We would leave with no why, just a whole butt load of urgency.
She gave no explanation, until I hit puberty of the demon demi-god freak. I got faster, stronger, and my senses got stronger than any humans.
I guess all of those moves were well called for cause you know when you have Demons and Gods calling for your blood, staying in one place for to long is never a good idea.
I rip the door to the school open; being new has stopped bothering me, being the last one in class has not. The warmth is welcoming along with the familiar smell of way to much perfume and body odor.
I look around sweeping the hall way making sure there is no posing threat, just the thought of a demon or even a god in this school makes my skin crawl. The hall looks clear but I can’t help wiggling my foot in my combat boot, sure enough a cold and hard dagger pushed against it.
Once I am absolutely sure no one is here I start on the impossible task of finding my first class. I have gods forsaken Trigonometry first block, I have always avoided math like it was some kind of plague. So I’m not sure weather I want to slap the person who made my schedule or hug them for my new found nap time.
A bell rings out and I know once there’s not a soul in the halls that not being late is so not going to happen. Another bell rings out confirming my suspicion and a sure sign that I was late.
Before I even put my hand on the silver handle I check the room number and my schedule, making sure they match. Once I am positive they do; I turn the silver door knob, and push on the brown door.
To my horror the door screams in protest announcing my arrival. All the heads turn in unison. Killing a demon I can handle, people staring is a whole other story.
“You’re late” The teacher said.
I nodded.
“Are you Cassie?”
No I'm the boogie man, "yeah" I said.
“Very well, Cassie take a seat” He said clearly dismissing me.
I turn back to the curious judgmental stairs, only one seat was open near the back. A pair of blue eyes met mine, really blue eyes.
Black wavy hair tumbled in front of his eyes, his lips parted ever so slightly. Was he swoon worthy, yes. He was also the kind of guy every girl wants, and every girl knows he’s trouble but can’t help falling for him.
Was I drooling, no I was throwing whatever dignity I have left away. No way was I sitting in front of him, I swept the room for another place to sit.
“Please take your seat Cassie” The teacher said. Heat rose to my face turning me a not so attractive shade of tomato.
I walked to my seat and ripped my bag open taking out my book, pens of every color attacked the floor. All of my beautiful pens, on the floor. I’m kind of starting to think high school is worse than a demon attack. I took a slow deep breath and bent down to pick up the pens.
A really graceful looking hand was holding them out to me. My gaze flickered down to his chest – it was a very nice chest. I slowly looked up at him.
“Thank you” I mumbled, a smile tugged at his lips – they looked totally kissable.
He didn’t say anything, just rose up and put those rebellion pens on my desk.
I can handle a demon trying to suck me dry but two hours of trig kind of made me want to chuck myself out of a three story window.
I wiggled my ankle again - making a face – I once again I wished that I could be an exception to the no weapons at school policy. In a way I feel naked without my katana, I’m descent with a knife but the farther away you can stay from a demons teeth the better.
The bell rang and I was free, I moved like the last bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream was out of this class room.
Classes passed much the same, I would humiliate my self and move onto the next class.
Lunch couldn't come fast enough, except for when the lunch ladies plopped a brown muck on my tray I wished it never came.
To add to it, it smelt like pure butt.
"Hey, your new" a high voice announced. I turned, and my confidence threw its self out the window. Straight black hair cascaded down her back and green eyes popped in contrast.
"Is it that obvious" I said.
"Kinda, by the way I'm Anna"
"Cassie" I said and smiled.
"You can sit with me if you want"
"Thanks" at least the horror of sitting by my self was avoided.
I grabbed my plain milk out of a fridge the size of Texas and followed Anna letting her lead the way.
All the tables are circles, I found that kind of weird. I stopped dead in my tracks, a pair of very familiar blue eyes meet mine.
"Are you coming" she looked over her shoulder.
I put my tray down next to Anna and across from him.
"What are you doing" a blond said.
"Sitting" I mumbled.
"No, your really not" she said.
"Excuse me"
"Anybody as ugly as you belongs over there" my gaze followed her finger, pointing at the garbage.
I raised my eyebrows, wow.
I chuckled slightly, and walked around the table with an open milk.
She didn't turn, when I approached her from behind. Maybe she thought I left, maybe I didn't care.
I tilted the milk upside down over her head.
The shreak that came after made me laugh.
"Where do I belong again?" I asked sweetly.
"You should leave" he said.
"Hmm, I don't think I will"
I started walking around the table again, but some thing snared me around the waist and started dragging me.
My body went into defense mode, I was out of the cafeteria quiet quickly.
My elbow smashed into something hard and it grunted. I spun away from him and reached for my katana, but only grasping air.
"Missing something" a deep voice asked.
"No" I muttered, looking straight ahead, straight ahead was a very nice chest.
"I'm Tristen, by the way" he said.
"Cassie" I said, and then realized he already knew my name.
Feeling stupid I looked down and turned on my heel. "I better get going" I mumbled "and you better get back to your girlfriend, she seemed pretty pissed" I giggled slightly and started walking away.
Checking my schedule I decided English is pretty useless, seeing that humans mistake Demon attacks for illnesses or homicides all the time, history is just a bunch of misconceptions, lies almost.
A gust of warm air hit me as I pushed those doors open. My hair blew back, I grabbed my dagger from my shoe and I broke into a run.
That's the only thing they never took away from me, they never could. Everything about it is relaxing, I love the way my feet pound on the cement, the way my hair blows back, and thinking your lungs are going to burst. I set my mind to a finish point and that was my katana.
Ten minuets later I ran the two miles and was at my house. Breathing hard I pushed the door open and called "Mom, I'm home"
No answer.
I starred at the boxes wishing they would burst into flames and I wouldn't have to unpack them.
Letting out a huff of breath, I stomped up stairs.
My dad gave the katana to my mom, it's dipped in Titan blood - seeing that a dagger dipped in titan blood or decapitation is the only way to kill a demon you have to do what you have to do. Dad left when he found out mom was pregnant with me. I guess being a demon can really put a dent on a relationship.
I let out a harsh laugh as I changed into my gear. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans. I attached the three sheaths of daggers dipped in Titan blood to my pants and slung the katana across my back.
I caught my reflection in the mirror, big brown eyes starred at me. I have the full lips all descendent's have but I have that hard beauty that demons have. It's almost like the gods crafted those perfect features but forgot to give me a splash of life.
I threw my hair into a high tight pony tail as I walked out of my room.
Blowing off school to go hunt demons is kind of the best. I hit the road jogging again, finding them is the tricky part, killing that's kind of fun.
Okay, that sounded really messed up. What I mean by that is the more demons I kill the more I feel I should continue to live.
Maybe, being half demon has really taken a toll on my confidence. I shook my head as I hooked a right into the dense forest.
My hand instinctively hovered over my katana. A sound humans would have mistaken as animals moving caught my attention.
I drew the katana slightly, and started a steady jog staying low.
I took cover behind a tree and peeked around, three bodies were fighting. I could easily make out two of them were demons the other a descendent.
I ripped the sword out keeping it low and ran out. The first one didn't expect it and it slice threw its neck decapitating it easily. I spun in a circle keeping the sword near my midsection.
I dropped to the ground and knocked thee other to the ground. Sometimes this is just to easy, I thought as the sword went threw the back of its head and threw the front of the face.
A warm substance sprayed my face. A hand grabbed and spun me around, I didn't think I rushed them back and slammed them into a tree hard, the katana to their throat.
A pair of deep blue eyes meet mine.
I cursed under my breath, "What the hell are you doing out here, Tristan"
"I could ask you the same question" he said grinning.
"I asked first" he chuckled "and if I may remind you your the one with a knife to your throat, so don't test me"
After a pregnant silence he said "I'm a sentinel, hunting demons is my job"
"Cassie, what the hell was that" he asked.
I removed the sword from his throat, as I backed up I put the katana back in its sheath.
"I have to go" I declared and broke into a charged run.
Stupidity, I hate it and I just did the most stupid thing I could have done. Tristan could have handled those two demons, I didn't think I acted and now he knows I'm not normal.
Mom is going to kill me. Holy demons were going to have to move, we just got here. Maybe I could go back and kill Tristan. Mentally stomping that plan I started jogging faster.
Telling mom is the scariest part of the day.
Mom looks a lot like me but prettier, she's petit while I'm curvy. I got her eyes, her lips are a natural red while mine are a rosy pink.
"There are descendent's here, sentinels to add onto it" I said, and plopped a bite of ice cream in my mouth.
"How do you know this" she asked.
I took a deep breath "while I was on my run today I ran into a guy that is in some of my classes. He admitted he was a sentinel when I pinned him to a tree with my katana to his throat"
"Cassie Elizabeth Marie, how many times am I going to have to tell you not to drag attention to your self like that" she scolded "I have never had to ground you before but I will if I have to"
"What are we going to do" I asked around another bite of ice cream.
"You are going to go to school tomorrow and act like you don't know what he is talking about" she stormed out of the kitchen.
Drip, drip, drip, damn that leaky sink. Wasn't this a lovely 'Welcome to Florida' hopefully we move again soon.
The yellow walls and boxes starred at me. I wanted to go on another run
but I think mom might kill me.
She is a demon, drinking pure blood is like a drug to them. She restrains herself kind of like a recovering druggie. She hasn't slipped up in years but that doesn't stop the demons, gods, or descendent's from trying to kill us.
I sighed as I put my hands under the cold water and washed the dish.
Chapter 2
I trudged to class happy not to be late. The teacher wasn't here yet, I took my seat.
The door creaked open, I opened a notebook and started to doodle. Hands smacked my desk, holy demons everywhere, I jumped slightly.
"Are you going to explain what that was" Tristan said.
I smiled "I have no idea what your talking about"
"Don't play stupid Cassie" he said.
"I'm not playing, I don't know what your talking about" I said and looked up innocently.
"Cassie" he started.
"I honestly don't know what your talking about" I said glaring at him.
"If you want to want to explain what your talking about, then we can talk at lunch" I said.
He seemed to think about it, and then nodded.
"What are you" he asked.
"My dad is a god" I said, "my mom is mortal" I lied.
He nodded, "your a first blood" he asked.
A first blood is a first descendent, when one of your parents are direct off spring of a god. 

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