Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apollyon by Jennifer L Armentrout.


 So how many of you were waiting eagerly for this book.
I know I have!!!!

This book made me cry, swoon, scream, and dance with happiness all at the same time. Seeing how amazing Jenifer L Armentrout my expectations were higher than the Trix bunny on crack. This book went above and beyond anything I ever thought was possible.
Lets talk about Aiden, oh I need my own Aiden. He is well, nothing short of amazing, I need my own Aiden!!!
Okay, now lets talk about Seth, I know many of you were probably Team Seth in pure -I was team Aiden from the begging- but after reading Deity and Elixir I know your also team Aiden, and if your not well then Im sending the book monster after you.
Alex, lets leave it at shes just plain out bad ass!
When I finished this book this was me:

SPNG Tags: Ellen / crying / first her husband / and now her daughter /
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My dad asks "Are you okay"

I think you get what Im getting at.
I would give my first born child for the next book Sentinel.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm sorry for my extended absence O.o

Honestly theres no excuse good enough to excuse the posts I have missed. I deserve to be eaten by the book monster, but any ways I am so, so sorry for all the inconveinince, and posts I have missed.
I hate that I missed these posts but keeping up with a blog when your grounded is so not fun.
Any ways Im really sorry please forgive me.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Jennifer L Armentrout

There is two giveaways going on right now . . .
and the others on Jens page.
Have I mentioned Jennifer L Armentrout is my fav author.
In your head your thinking, YES A MILLION TIMES. That's okay though.
Appolyon is releasing in eight days. Yup you heard me eight.
That is still to long.
Any way Click on that link above for more info.