Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wait for you by Jennifer L Armentrout

Wait for you had/has me crying, laughing, swooning, and begging for more all at the same time.
Lets start with Cam, oh boy I need my own Cam. I never thought I would say this (Seeing that I adore Aiden so much) but Cam is my new book crush! He is just completely swoon worthy.
Jennifer L Armentrout, has the most unique, best writing style in the world. I look up to her and idolize her. So when I heard another book was releasing I stated doing a happy dance.
I had high hopes for this book and was not left down. I knew this would be another amazing release.
I was practically hyperventilating when I only had a few more pages, I just spent the last twenty minutes staring at my nook wishing there was more.
I usually can't read a book more than twice but this is a special circumstance! I need more Cam.
Seriously, for the love of books every where, go read that book, like now.

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